I was born and raised in Madrid, and since I was a little girl, my interest were always associated with arts, music and books. I studied fine arts and I made lots of courses related to illustration and at the same time I’ve been working as a freelancer. In summer last year I self published my picture book “Our Forest” (funded via Kickstarter)

cropped-13029494_10154021772955600_3593313753073020059_o.jpg, and the book “La Manera más fácil de hacer limonada” (wrote by Sofía Rhei) is coming soon!

I feel very inspired by folklore and fantasy, and I would love to illustrate fiction for young readers. But I’m also interested in research and illustrate non fiction and of course doing picture books! My main skills is an expressive and elaborated pencil drawing, watercolour paintings, and linocut printmaking, but I always try to keep evolving and experimenting with the technique. I also play the violin, I love traveling, reading, working with kids and wear costumes!